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Single Parent Connection, Inc.

How We Came to Be...

I'm Dionne Brown, the proud founder of Single Parent Connection Inc. (SPC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

I'm eager to share the dynamic journey of SPC, a story filled with challenges, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to making a significant impact.


In 2002, I experienced the joy of becoming a first-time mother to a beautiful baby boy. However, this exciting time was quickly followed by one of life's most challenging chapters.

Shortly after giving birth, my son's father chose to depart, opting for a Greyhound bus with no intention of turning back. Devastated but determined, I recognized the need to become the pillar of strength and stability my son required and deserved. This unexpected role as a single parent, although laden with challenges, became the driving force behind my journey to live in my purpose.


Fast forward to 2016, where I launched a small business, Living in Your Purpose, LLC. Through this venture, I sold inspirational t-shirts and wristbands, which helped me raise funds to provide emergency assistance for single parent families. While this initiative offered a means to assist families in need, my heart was led to do so much more.

On March 1, 2018, Single Parent Connection Inc. became a reality. This marked the fulfillment of a dream for me. Raised by a single parent myself and currently heading a single parent household, my experiences contribute a unique perspective and personal connection to the families we serve.

Marion County (Indianapolis) is home to more than 43,000 single parent families. Acknowledging the enormity of this challenge, our goal at SPC is to assist at least 100 parents and children each year through growth-based learning and family-focused activities. Our dedication, combined with the support from our community, empowers us to provide tangible help, support, and hope for the families we serve annually.

At Single Parent Connection, our determination knows NO BOUNDS!


We may be a small organization, but we're determined to make a very BIG difference!

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About Us: Activities


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Our Mission

SPC's mission is to strengthen the social environment, economic resilience, leadership capabilities, and quality-of-life for single parent families.

Our Goals

We encourage and empower single parents by providing resources,

a relatable and supportive community, and learning opportunities to help

single parent families move from surviving to thriving.


Our PARENT Values

We Are:

       Purposeful in providing avenues for single parents to succeed and thrive
       Accountable and committed to transparency in all we do
       Resolute in amplifying the voice and leadership of single parents
       Engaged in partnerships that demonstrate evidence-based results

       Nurturing and respectful of single parents and their self-determination
       Tenacious in pursuing systemic solutions and outcomes that affirm the 

       resilience of single parent households


"Freebies and Giveaway programs are helpful, but they're only a temporary solution.

At some point, we also have to combat issues that create hardships and barriers for single parent families. They deserve so much more than just a band-aid."

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Dionne Brown

Meet Dionne Brown, a dynamic force born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Not only is she the visionary founder of Single Parent Connection, but she also proudly wears the hat of a single mom, navigating life with resilience and purpose.

Dionne is a proud alumna of Hyde Park High School and took her educational journey to the charming halls of Tougaloo College following graduation. In 2007, she made a leap to Indianapolis, IN, where she resumed her academic pursuits at Western Governors University, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree in Business Management.

Curiosity might lead you to ask Dionne why she's so passionately dedicated to helping single parents. Her answer is simple yet profound, "It's my purpose!" This organization is not just a project; it's her labor of love. Dionne finds unparalleled joy in the big hugs from parents she's assisted and the sheer excitement on the faces of their children. These moments, she'll tell you, mean the world to her.

Beyond her role as a single mom and the driving force behind Single Parent Connection, Dionne's career journey weaves through teaching, supervision, team leadership, program development, and financial literacy education. Ask her about the vision for Single Parent Connection, and you'll hear a resounding focus on community building. Authentic relationships with the families served and the broader community are not just essential; they're the heartbeat of making a meaningful difference.

In addition to her professional and community roles, Dionne finds strength and inspiration in her Christian faith. It's the bedrock that grounds her, guiding her actions and fueling her commitment to making a positive impact. Outside the world of advocacy and community building, Dionne finds joy in photography, cherishing moments frozen in time. Her downtime is a harmonious mix of spending quality moments with friends and family. And if you ever find yourself at a New Edition concert, keep an ear out for Dionne – she's the one singing along with infectious enthusiasm!

“I want Single Parent Connection to be a helpful resource that supports single parents and their children.

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Sherry Loller

Meet the vibrant and dynamic Sherry Loller, whose journey unfolds from the hills of Tennessee to the bustling streets of Indianapolis! Born in Tennessee, Sherry's parents orchestrated a move to Indianapolis when she was just a young girl. Growing up on the west side of the city, Sherry's love for basketball found its outlet on the court of Crispus Attucks High School, where she graduated with a passion for the game.

Post-graduation, Sherry ventured beyond Indianapolis, finding herself at a junior college nestled in the heart of Kansas. Little did she know that her journey would circle back to her roots, leading her to the transformative path of Single Parent Connection.

Sherry's involvement with Single Parent Connection began with a volunteer role, fueled by a profound connection to the families and the organization's mission. This passion propelled her to the Board of Directors. As a single mother with a son, Sherry understands firsthand the challenges that many families served by SPC currently face. For her, their success is her success, and she's committed to ensuring that parents have the resources they need to thrive.

In Sherry's view, SPC's programs provide valuable knowledge that single parents can use to uplift their families. She believes in the power of passing on this knowledge, emphasizing that financial literacy, for instance, can start with parents but has a ripple effect that extends to their children. What makes SPC truly stand out in Indianapolis, according to Sherry, is its unwavering focus and commitment to single parents. To her, SPC serves as a catalyst of information and resources, acting as a beacon of support for single parents navigating the challenges of parenthood.

Beyond her impactful role at SPC, Sherry is a powerhouse in the Indianapolis banking scene, leading community engagement efforts. In her moments of leisure, she finds joy in the laughter and love of her grandchildren, bringing a perfect balance to her dynamic and fulfilling life. Sherry is not just shaping the future of her family; she's affirming the importance of single parents and their pivotal role in shaping the future of their children. Get ready to be inspired by Sherry's commitment, passion, and zest for making a difference!

“I have persevered despite difficult life situations, trauma, and a mindset of blame and brokenness. I have been a single parent and understand that reality. I want my children to always feel loved, nurtured, and valued."

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Carla Biro

Introducing the incredible Carla Biro, a force of resilience and determination, hailing from the south side of Chicago!

Carla's journey kicks off with a twist as she embraced motherhood at the young age of 16. Leaving Chicago, she found herself in a home for teen mothers before embarking on a transformative chapter living with her grandmother in Roxie, Mississippi.


Undeterred by challenges, Carla not only completed her high school education with honors but went on to scale the academic heights at Alcorn State University, Goshen College (Bachelor's Degree), and Indiana Wesleyan University (Master's Degree). And that's not all – she's currently in hot pursuit of a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership, showcasing an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Carla's professional journey spans over 20 years, adorned with roles as a teacher, professor, program design coordinator, and a trailblazing leader in both nonprofit and education sectors. Currently donning the hat of the Director of Career Labs at Indiana Wesleyan University, Carla is a living testament to the power of tenacity, hard work, and an unyielding commitment to personal and professional growth.

Her life experiences, deep-rooted faith, and unwavering commitment to family are the driving forces that shape Carla into the dynamic individual she is today. In her words, "Indianapolis is a diverse city, and I believe Single Parent Connection can be a connector to helping families move forward." As a board member, Carla is on a mission to support single parents while ensuring that SPC stands as a productive, thoughtful, and resoundingly successful organization.


Carla's story is a testament to the transformative power of education, faith, and an unshakeable spirit. Join us in celebrating Carla Biro, a powerhouse making waves in the worlds of academia, career development, and community impact!

“My passion for people comes from my faith. I have always wanted to help others live their best life possible. My grandmother once told me, ‘Do everything as you are going to do it unto God.”

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David Strayhorn

Meet the dynamic David Strayhorn, a born-and-raised Hoosier from the heart of Indianapolis! A proud graduate of Ben Davis High School, David has made the west side of Indianapolis his stomping ground, creating a vibrant home for his family. Juggling the roles of a devoted husband and the proud father of three sons, David is not just an Indianapolis native; he's a champion of the west side community.

By day, David is the maestro of quality assurance at a prominent Indiana-based corporation, ensuring that standards are not just met but exceeded. But his impact stretches far beyond the corporate world. He's a powerhouse within The Blended Church's Men's Ministry, infusing spiritual energy and camaraderie into the community.

David's passion truly takes the spotlight as he steps into the role of a program leader for Boys to Men, a groundbreaking summer workshop series developed by Single Parent Connection. This initiative is close to his heart as it focuses on shaping the lives of young men aged 12 through 18, all raised in single-parent households. From teaching essential life skills like shaving and tying a necktie to delving into automotive maintenance, David is on a mission to empower these young minds. "I want the boys to believe they can achieve their dreams," he passionately declares. "I want to instill a sense of purpose, spiritual grounding, and self-confidence."

In his unwavering commitment to Single Parent Connection, David envisions a future where single parents and their families not only survive but thrive. He firmly believes in providing opportunities that empower single parents to dream big dreams for themselves and their children. For David, SPC isn't just a support system; it's a catalyst for change. "Providing support to parents, while identifying resources for children and youth, can help the entire family thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually," he asserts.

Get ready to be inspired by David Strayhorn, a community leader who's not just talking the talk but walking the walk, ensuring that the west side of Indianapolis flourishes in every aspect!

"My vision for Single Parent Connection is that it will serve as a safe, judgement free, space where single parents can come to not only improve their life financially, but health wise, mentally, and socially. It will be a place where wins- no matter how big or small- will be genuinely celebrated."

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Margery Gogins

Meet Margery Gogins, a financial expert with a heart for making a difference in the lives of single parent families. Margery holds a BS in Financial Planning from Purdue University and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School. With a diverse career background, including her current role as a Project Controls Cost Analyst and previous experience as a Senior Accountant/Analyst in large companies, Margery brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Hailing from Hammond, IN, Margery was raised in a loving two-parent home as the oldest of five children. As a preacher's kid, she learned the value of education and independent thinking from a young age. Shouldering responsibility early on, Margery developed a reputation for dependability and responsibility that continues to define her character.

Margery's journey with Single Parent Connection began as she sought out volunteer opportunities. Now, she envisions the organization as a sanctuary for single parents, offering not only financial guidance but also support for their holistic well-being – physically, mentally, and socially. She believes in creating a judgment-free space where victories, no matter how small, are celebrated, and where single parents can find understanding and camaraderie.

In her spare time, Margery is rediscovering her passions after becoming a mother later in life and navigating the challenges of parenthood during a global pandemic. Currently, she prioritizes her health by enjoying group fitness classes at the gym, striving to find balance in her new normal.

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